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How Love Hemp is setting high standards for CBD

Find out more about origins, rocketing growth and pure, high-quality CBD of the UK's leading CBD brand.

14th October 2021
CBD brands
The ULTIMATE Guide: CBD, beauty & skincare

Find out how CBD can enhance your skincare routine - benefits, formats, CBD brands and more.

8th October 2021
Refreshing blend of CBD & botanicals & tonic

Enjoy a refreshing moment of indulgence and conviviality with this low-alcohol mocktail recipe laced with herby botanicals.

5th October 2021
Arcanum: the CBD brand for the modern-day athlete

Meet the brand determined to keep you active, optimise your recovery and make hemp-based CBD part of a holistic approach to fitness.

1st October 2021
Overnight oats to boost your mood with Provacan CBD oil

Start your day serenely with a little help from our overnight oats sprinkled with nutritious fruit and Provacan's 600mg CBD spray.

23rd September 2021
Quanna CBD: breaking taboos about sexuality and intimate care

Discover the brand behind the UK's first premium sexual wellness products powered by CBD.

21st September 2021
Just how green is CBD? What about CBD brands?

Explore CBD's green credentials and the CBD brands that are committed to doing their bit.

15th September 2021
KLORIS CBD: prioritising holistic wellbeing

Find out more about the CBD brand with a holistic approach to wellbeing, exacting standards and a flair for combining natural ingredients.

13th September 2021
Tropical green smoothie bowl with Good Hemp Isolate CBD Oil

Whizz up a nutritious, CBD-infused recipe in seconds - perfect for breakfast or an afternoon boost.

9th September 2021
5 ways brands are boosting the effects of CBD

Discover some of the complementary combinations that give your CBD products that extra kick.

6th September 2021
CBD products
Creamy cheesecake with WXLLNXSS CBD Oil

Give yourself a creamy yet crunchy treat with a dash of mixed berry WXLLNXSS CBD oil to keep you feeling calm and in control.

1st September 2021
The ULTIMATE Guide: CBD formats & delivery methods

Dive deeper into the different ways you can take CBD to find the approach that suits you - from CBD transdermals to yummy CBD gummy bears.

31st August 2021
5 CBD-infused recipes to savour, sample and share

Discover delicious ways to add CBD to your day with 5 of our most popular mellow eats recipes.

25th August 2021
Do CBD topicals & transdermals work – and just how different are they?

Plunge into CBD topicals and transdermals to find out exactly what they are and how they work. And figure out what works best for you.

24th August 2021
Powerful stories and unwavering ethics from EthicaCBD

Discover the positive personal experience driving EthicaCBD and the brand's commitment to exceptional purity and quality - with minimum impact on the planet.

20th August 2021
CBD brands
Rye choc chip cookies with Elixinol Cinnamint 10% CBD Oil

Add a burst of energy and yumminess to your day with our latest mellow eats recipe - think dark chocolate, rye flour and premium CBD from Elixinol.

18th August 2021
Watermelon, mint & feta salad with CBD Pure Oils 500mg

Savour a refreshing combination of watermelon, feta cheese and fragrant mint - all mixed together with a little CBD oil from CBD Pure Oils.

17th August 2021
Bulletproof coffee with CBD One

Boost your morning with Georgia Levy's latest mellow eats recipe pepped up with CBD oil.

17th August 2021
Ascend: the bounty of mother nature in skincare

Find out what full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, a commitment to transparency and potent plant-based ingredients can do for your skin.

13th August 2021
CBD skincare
Understanding the CBD spectrum: full, broad, narrow & isolate

Work out the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. Find out more about CBD isolate. Discover Narrow Spectrum CBD. And decide which one fits you.

9th August 2021

Choosing the right CBD product

We understand it can be quite daunting when choosing your first CBD product so have a read of our handy guide to help you choose the product that’s right for your needs.

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