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4 CBD products that could shake up your workout routine

Explore how CBD could enhance your routine and recovery - whatever your level.

3rd May 2021
MYO Plant Nutrition: CBD built by high performers for high performers

Meet the CBD performance brand that is combining plant-based ingredients with active compounds like CBD.

30th April 2021
Blueberry, Coconut & Chia Smoothie with Vitality CBD Oral Drops

Give yourself a fruity, creamy CBD boost with this delicious recipe from our in-house chef Georgia Levy.

28th April 2021

Can CBD support and enhance an active lifestyle? What are benefits of CBD for pain and muscle recovery? Read on to find out.

26th April 2021
Demystifying CBD in sport: live mellow talk CBD event & more

Find out more about our CBD mellow talk looking at alternative healthcare in sport (CBD giveaways, former Rugby stars & more) + discover 2 of our sport-focused CBD brands on mellow.

23rd April 2021
Dark Chocolate Nut & Fruit Bark with Kaya’s Adaptogenic 5% Isolate CBD Oil

Craft your own chocolatey pick-me-up with this indulgent CBD-infused recipe from in-house chef Georgia Levy.

21st April 2021
What exactly is CBG and just how miraculous are its effects?

Find out more about Cannabigerol, a cannabinoid that making waves and could have a multitude of benefits.

19th April 2021
One-to-one CBD advice from mellow

Get tailored CBD advice from our in-house experts to make the most of CBD in your daily life. Book your 15-min phone call - it's free and confidential.

16th April 2021
Wild Rocket & Roast Hazelnut Pesto with Alpinols 2.5% Full-Spectrum CBD oil

Savour the latest CBD recipe from in-house chef Georgia Levy - flavoursome pesto packed with rocket, hazelnuts and Apinols's full-spectrum CBD.

14th April 2021
Adaptogenic plant power + CBD benefits: a winning formula from Kaya

Find out how Adaptogenic CBD Kaya are combining the stress-relieving power of certain plants with the benefits of CBD.

12th April 2021
The ULTIMATE guide: CBD for women

Find all the information you need about how CBD can help women in one place - from period pain to skincare and women-specific CBD brands.

8th April 2021
Spanish-grown organic hemp from Puregenics CBD

Meet the CBD brand that committed to organic farming, ethically harvested hemp and high quality standards.

6th April 2021
Yummy CBD edibles for Easter – or any time really

Discover our favourite CBD Edibles to gobble up this Easter - think chocolate, premium CBD and sprinklings of all-natural terpenes.

2nd April 2021
Creamy Mango Shrikhand with Biosante 5% CBD oil

Savour this creamy Mango-packed, CBD-infused Indian recipe from in-house chef Georgia Levy.

31st March 2021
How CBD Performance is fighting stigma and supporting recovery in sport

Meet Simon and Russel who are passionate about bringing high-quality CBD to sport - CBD muscle gels, protein powders and more.

29th March 2021
The ULTIMATE guide: CBD oil for sleep

Everything you need to know about sleep and CBD packed into one place - from what happens behind closed eyes to which CBD oil products to pick.

25th March 2021
Roast Nut, Seed & Date Energy Bars with Good Remedy Calm CBD Oil

Discover the latest energy-boosting CBD-infused recipe from in-house chef Georgia Levy - dates, chia seeds, Good Remedy CBD oil and more.

24th March 2021
5 CBD products that could revolutionise your sleep

Dive deeper into 5 CBD products designed to help you sleep better - what are they? How do they work? And much should you take?

22nd March 2021
CBD: rigorous Purity, Quality, and Potency Standards from Platinum

Chief Scientific Officer Rosemary Mazanet tell us more about Platinum Label CBD by Columbia Care - from regenerative agriculture to medical heritage.

19th March 2021
CBD products
Spiced Fruit Soda Bread with Whipped Honey Butter & Healthspan CBD oil

Georgia Levy is back with a new spicy, fruity and CBD-laced recipe to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

17th March 2021

Choosing the right CBD product

We understand it can be quite daunting when choosing your first CBD product so have a read of our handy guide to help you choose the product that’s right for your needs.

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