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18th August 2020

CBD for Stress: The Current Research

Stress is a big problem in modern times, with the pressures of work and life preventing many of us from properly relaxing and taking the time we need for ourselves. Whether it’s mild or chronic, stress can have a serious impact on our daily lives, preventing us from enjoying our time as we are constantly thinking about our overwhelming to-do lists and the pressures that are on us.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is thought to be useful in creating a sense of balance and calm within the body, which is why many believe that it can be beneficial when it comes to managing stress. In this blog, we look at who might suffer from stress and the current research on CBD for stress and how it might help.

CBD for stress: an overview

Many people choose to engage in wellbeing activities to manage their stress, such as yoga and meditation, mindful eating and exercise. Increasingly, people are also choosing CBD for their stress management routines, as it interacts with the body’s natural functions to help produce a sense of calm and relaxation.

Who is affected by stress and why is it a problem?

CBD is widely believed to be useful for helping those who suffer from anxiety to manage their symptoms, but it is possible for all of us to experience stress at different periods in our lives, even if you don’t have a specific anxiety disorder.

Stress is, unfortunately, very common and can be caused by work, financial worries, family situations, relationships, academic studies and more. Put simply, although there is certainly a scale of severity and some people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, all of us will likely experience stress at certain periods in our lives.

Can CBD help with stress management?

It is believed that CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of stress by promoting a sense of calm and balance within the body. It does this by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to prolong the availability of the cannabinoids your body already naturally produces.

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Most of the research around CBD for stress is, understandably, focused on specific conditions, but the results suggest that CBD could have a positive impact on stress levels in general. 

One review article looking at the impact of CBD on anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, the authors reported that “systemically administered CBD reduced acute increases in heart rate and blood pressure induced by stress”. They also suggested that, based on existing results, CBD may play a role in ‘fear extinction’ which could help with stress.

Another 2012 review concluded that CBD reduces the cardiovascular response to various types of stress. This may also help with other related conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure).

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It also seems that people are finding CBD works for stress through their personal experiences. A 2019 survey by CBD-Intel found that 18% of those using CBD in the UK gave stress reduction as a reason for doing so.

Overall, the evidence seems to be pointing towards the fact that regular CBD intake may well help with stress, whether that’s the stress associated with a certain condition such as anxiety or PTSD, or the more general stresses of everyday life.

Different methods and strategies of stress management work for different people, but if you are looking for a way to reduce your daily stresses, it might be worth giving CBD a go to see how it works for you!

CBD for stress: which products should you use?

There is a wonderful variety of CBD products available, so you’ve got a lot of options when choosing some for stress management.

Lots of people opt for CBD oil, which is probably the most well-known format of CBD. You administer it sublingually, by placing a few drops under your tongue, holding it there for approximately 60 seconds and swallowing. This gives the CBD oil access to your bloodstream. 

Other formats include CBD-infused drinks, such as coffee and soft drinks, as well as CBD capsules.

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