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23rd August 2019

Exploring the Potential Benefits of CBD Oil

It is claimed that CBD oil has a number of benefits, relating to both mental and physical wellbeing. The research is still in its early stages but as more research is conducted, the evidence is mounting and there are a number of reported benefits that it’s worth looking at.

The benefits of CBD oil

Potential CBD oil benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, helping with the treatment of addiction and seizures, promoting relaxation, managing anxiety symptoms, and potentially limiting the impact of Alzheimer’s disease.

Below, we’ve delved into each of these possible benefits a little deeper, looking at the current research and individual experiences.

Pain relief

As we explored in a previous blog on how to use CBD oil for pain, there has been some evidence to suggest that cannabidiol can be used for pain relief. Those who use CBD for physical pain relief recommend applying it directly to the affected areas.

Treating addiction

Some have suggested that CBD oil can be used for the treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

One study investigated the potential use of CBD oil in reducing cravings and anxiety, features of addiction which often lead to relapse for those trying to stop. This study found that CBD significantly reduced both cravings and anxiety when the subjects were exposed to ‘drug cues’. They found no significant effects on cognition, and there were no serious adverse effects.

Treating seizures

Although further research is needed, another CBD oil benefit could be is its impact on seizures caused by epilepsy and other similar conditions. Epilepsy is a common condition that affects the brain and causes frequent fits or seizures.

One study looked at CBD as a potential treatment for epilepsy in children and adolescents. The cannabis oil extract used also contained THC and it had a CBD/THC ratio of 20:1. They found that there was a reduction in seizures, but stress that more controlled trials are needed.

Several parents in the UK have revealed that they are travelling to the Netherlands to secure cannabis oil for their children - an oil called Bedrolite which contains CBD and THC. Now CBD oil has been established as a legal product, we may soon see some changes relating to how parents can get hold of cannabis oil and other similar products for children with epilepsy.

Potential reduction in Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of Dementia and is a progressive condition that affects brain function. The symptoms develop gradually over time and the most recognisable symptoms include problems with memory and recognition.

The potential use of CBD oil for Alzheimer’s has been considered and one study on transgenic (genetically modified) mice shows that CBD may have potential as a preventative treatment for the disease. It seemed to have a particular impact on symptoms of social withdrawal and facial recognition.

Help with anxiety symptoms

An often-reported benefit of CBD oil is that it helps with anxiety. Research is still in its early stages but there is evidence to suggest that it could help those with anxiety to manage their symptoms.

A study on cannabidiol and sleep found evidence to suggest that CBD oil could have a calming effect on the central nervous system, and may have benefits for those with anxiety-related disorders.

Feelings of relaxation and better sleep

A more general benefit of CBD oil is linked to feelings of relaxation and better sleep. Users have reported that CBD gives a feeling of balance.

One journalist for HuffPost took CBD oil to see how it impacted his sleep issues. He found that he could fall asleep much easier and woke up feeling refreshed.

It seems that there are a number of benefits linked to CBD oil and we’re excited about the potential this product has. As more clinical studies are conducted, medical professionals are finding that CBD does seem to have a number of health benefits - we look forward to seeing what else is discovered in the future.

For more information on the impact of CBD products, browse through our CBD effects section of the blog. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, you can take a look at our CBD store.

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