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1st October 2021

Arcanum: the CBD brand for the modern-day athlete

CBD is often associated with anxiety and sleep problems. 

But it also has the potential to keep you feeling at your best - especially before, during and after sport. 

A few months ago, we looked at how CBD boost your performance from its capacity to reduce inflammation to its potential to support muscle growth. 

Sports CBD brands like Arcanum are developing more and more sports-driven products, from CBD kinesiology tape to CBD transdermal gel pens. 

Discover a curated range of CBD products from Arcanum

Whatever your level, however hard you train, CBD can speed recovery and enhance performance. Let’s find out more directly from Katelyn Townsend and her team.

What is the connection between CBD and sport?

Every athlete knows that proper recovery is the name of the game when it comes to sport. The better/faster you can move the needle in your recovery, the more potential an athlete has for increased performance. Many athletes have metabolic and muscular recovery on point, but neglect CNS (Central Nervous System) recovery. By supplementing with cannabinoids systemically (internally) with products like Coil or The Quill, you are helping your body return to a state of homeostasis (a fancy word for balance). 

Think about it like this: Jane just went for a PR on Fran and Joe just had a crazy conditioning workout on the pitch. Their CNS’s are fried! When they take one of the aforementioned products, they are facilitating a transition to a parasympathetic state, where true recovery, and gains, occur. Our athletic bodies cannot properly recover if we keep them in a sympathetic state (fight or flight). 

Every athlete should be supplementing with some sort of CBD product. Topical cannabinoid products like Sarco Freeze, Sarco Stick and Sarco Skin, work with pain receptors on the skin. They tell these pesky receptors to stop sending pain signals to the brain which in turn stops the brain from sending inflammation. We are HUGE proponents of using CBD products like these to help neutralize aches and pains, instead of harmful NSAIDS that wreak havoc on your internal systems. Athletes, there is a better, non-addictive option that doesn’t sacrifice your internal health to relieve sport-induced soreness. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the growing CBD space, what makes Arcanum stand out from the crowd?

Our products are imagined by athletes, designed by PhD biochemists and tested on athletes. We are not some big corporate company run by non-athletes that only cares about turning a profit. We are still, four years later, 100% family-owned and operated. Also, we believe in the synergistic magic of mother nature. We don’t just throw some CBD isolate into a product and call it good. We engineer every product with full or broad spectrum hemp and exogenous terpenes to help keep the cannabinoids as bioavailable as possible. 

 You offer a range of different CBD products - why do you think it is important to provide CBD in different formats?

All athletes have different needs. As we said earlier, every athlete should be supplementing with systemic CBD on a regular basis to promote CNS health and recovery and reduce internal inflammation. There is also a need for topical products for those aches and pains, which work great in those spot-specific areas. 

Can your CBD products be used by sport enthusiasts as well as professional athletes?

YES!! We believe in the trickle-down effect. A great example of this is CrossFit. It was made with elite athletes, Navy SEALS and first responders in mind, but your grandma can do it. The same goes for our products. While they were engineered by and for athletes, everyone can benefit from supplementing their endocannabinoid system with CBD.

Thanks Arcanum - you've motivated us to get active and use CBD to optimise our approach to exercise. Keep us posted about all your latest innovations. 

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