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26th November 2020

Curating a CBD Range: A Q&A With CUBID CBD

We spoke to Katie from CUBID CBD all about their specialist range of CBD beauty products, the increasing demand for CBD and how to choose the right products for your needs and routine.

Q. What makes CUBID CBD stand out from the crowd?

A. When we launched CUBID CBD last year, we wanted to create a CBD brand that could lead the way and that people could trust. We created a brand built on transparency, so people could be assured they were getting a high-quality product and know exactly what they were buying.

Our products are all 100% THC free, made with a high-grade, cannabinoid-rich CBD extract, containing 66% CBD, plus other cannabinoids.

Of equal importance is our mission to educate the public about CBD. A massive part of that is teaching people the truth about CBD because, unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions currently being fuelled around CBD. We want to educate as many people as possible with the facts on CBD so it is more accessible to everyone. 

Q. You have a great range of beauty products on offer. Can you tell us a bit about them and how they are made?

A. Thank you, we worked really hard with our skincare specialists to create the unique formulas for each of our skincare products. We wanted to create a solution-based range for all skin concerns, using many other powerful natural ingredients in each product with the relevant medicinal benefits that together with the CBD could make the greatest impact. 

Our skincare range includes a Re:scue Body Butter, Re:fresh Face Cream and Re:new Hand Cream. All three are designed to target areas of severely dry, irritated or inflamed skin. 

Our Stay Active Range includes a Re:vive Stay Active Gel and Re:juvenate Stay Active Cream. We created this duo to help people with muscular or joint pains. 

Q. Why do you think the demand for CBD beauty products has increased?

A. I think the increasing awareness around the potential benefits of CBD for the skin is definitely a huge part of that. These days people are often looking for more natural methods to help treat skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis or even just dry skin. Many people are turning to CBD, rather than a steroid cream from the doctors, and the results speak for themselves. 

Q. Do you think that skincare is an important part of self-care?

A. Absolutely! I believe looking after your skin is a very important part of self-care. Our skin is our largest organ and, if we look after it well, we look and feel better. Having good skin can help boost your confidence and keep you looking your best! Because everyone’s skin is different, it’s important to create a bespoke routine individually designed for you and your specific skin type.

Q. What advice can you give to help people find the right CBD product for their needs?

A. I would say always do your research. There are so many different CBD products out there that it can often be confusing. First, you want to choose a product with the right benefits for your needs. 

For example, are you looking to improve your sleep or to relieve muscle aches? Identifying your needs first will help you find the right CBD product for you. If it’s sleep you are looking to improve, a CBD oil would be the most beneficial. If it’s muscle aches, I would recommend a topical muscle gel. If in doubt, you can always send a message to the brand or website you are thinking of buying from with your questions. 

We hope you enjoyed reading all about CUBID CBD! A big thank you to Katie for answering our questions. If you like the sound of what they have to offer, you can browse the full range of CUBID CBD products.

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