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15th January 2021

Find Your Balance: A Q&A with Lux Beauty Club

We spoke to Victoria, the co-founder of Lux Beauty Club, about how she started a brand with her business partner which has full control over the entire supply chain and an emphasis on the very best quality CBD products.

Q. What makes Lux Beauty Club different from other brands in the CBD space?

A. I always LOVE this question because we built our company on the foundation of transparency and only using non-toxic, organic, effective ingredients. But, more importantly, we wanted to own the entire supply chain so we would always know what exactly goes into our products, seed to sale. 

We researched for over a year before formulating our products. We joint ventured with our farms, cultivators and everything in-between. It was crucial to be able to pick up the phone and talk to all our partners at a moment’s notice to make sure everything is on track and up to all standards and regulations. No middlemen, only farm to home hemp. We sit and formulate everything with our chemists and don’t sell anything until it's perfect and has full efficacy. We take this very seriously.

Q. What is the story behind your brand?

A. Our ‘aha’ moment came in early 2018. My co-founder and I had a business selling other products to women but these came from China and India. Between the time change and not having control over the supply chain, we were both stressed to the max and our hair was falling out! We started experimenting with CBD in creams, different tinctures and edibles to simply get us through the day. 

We knew we couldn’t scale a business this way and had our “come to Jesus” moment. We mourned the old business but knew CBD was an opportunity of a lifetime and doing it right and effectively would not only change our lives but also our customers’ lives. We simply tapped into our 10k customer base and brought them our CBD offering. Which they took to like ducks to water, thankfully! Our customers have stuck by us and are always excited when we launch new products. 

Q. How did you develop your product range and how do you see it evolving over time?

A. We are very specific about what we put in our products aside from CBD. We want ingredients that complement the hemp and work well together for efficacy. As we learn more about the plant through research, we add more products that will only help your overall wellbeing. The plant is full of beneficial cannabinoids.

Q. Why do you think CBD beauty has become so popular in the past few years?

A. It does wonders for the skin. There are endocannabinoid receptors on top of the skin, and cannabis compounds interact with these receptors to alleviate symptoms and provide relief from inflammatory conditions on the skin. Even if you have healthy skin, CBD can be of benefit to you too. Regular use of high-quality CBD oil or products can help regulate oil production on your face, clear your skin’s complexion, and leave you relaxed and feeling nourished.

Q. What advice would you give someone who is looking to add CBD to their beauty or wellness routines?

A. The benefits vary from person to person but CBD helps stabilize your mood and clear your skin. I would strongly suggest everyone add CBD in some form to their everyday routine.

Thanks so much to Victoria from Lux Beauty Club for her truly interesting answers! If you like the sound of CBD beauty, you can view the range of Lux Beauty Club products.

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