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11th January 2021

On-The-Go Wellness: A Q&A with BeOlea

We spoke to Hanna and Lisa from BeOlea about their range of CBD oils designed for the modern woman and offering on-the-go wellness. They also offer their insights on why CBD has grown in popularity and what they think people should take into account when purchasing CBD.

Q. What makes BeOlea different from other brands on the market?

A. BeOlea is a lifestyle ‘on-the-go’ wellness brand launched in September 2020. At BeOlea, we believe that wellness routines should be maintained throughout the day, when we most often need a moment of refresh, reset and calm, so we focus on providing products adapted to be used whilst out and about.

Our first products, the Be Original CBD oils, are natural and organic and come in elegant and discreet packaging that fits into (almost) the smallest bag. We recommend that our customers keep the bottle in its elegant and slim packaging to protect the oil from sunlight as well as the bag from any oil drippage! 

Q. Why did you decide to create CBD products specifically for modern women?

A. BeOlea was founded by us (Hanna & Lisa) during the first COVID lock-down. It was the result of our personal experience with CBD, which helped us stay balanced during this time at home with family and children. 

The experience inspired us and sparked the wish to make it more accessible and enjoyable to use for people we knew were going through the similar stresses and worries. We wanted to provide a natural and organic product with beautiful and portable packaging to fit with our ‘wellness on-the-go’ mantra! 

Q. Can you tell us a bit more about your product range and how it has been developed?

A. Our Be Original CBD oils are natural, organic and vegan. We truly believe in the powerful benefits of oils (hence the name BeOlea) and have carefully selected hemp, flax and olive oil as the blend for the carrier oil due to their amazing properties. The carrier oil is then infused with EU certified hemp extract (including CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes), resulting in a smooth herbal taste.

We offer four different CBD concentrations (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) to suit different needs, from curious beginners to experienced users. We also have some exciting new product developments in the pipeline. 

Q. Why do you think CBD has grown in popularity? 

A. CBD is (in most cases) a naturally-derived product from a plant, Cannabis Sativa/Hemp, that has been used for centuries, even millennia, in various forms. Whilst CBD was not the main known component, humans have realised the benefits this plant has on human health.

The liberation of regulation in western countries coupled with an increasing understanding of holistic wellness, including the importance of nutrition, has meant that people are increasingly turning to natural products and herbal remedies. In addition, the level of stress and anxiety in today's society is at a peak and people wish to seek natural remedies to manage it rather than turning to chemical medicine as a first solution. 

These factors, together with the removal of THC (the intoxicating component of the plant) is what we believe drives the popularity of the plant. 

Q. What advice would you give to those who are deciding which CBD product to purchase?

A. Ingredients - Avoid products that contain chemical ingredients. We strongly prefer natural and organic! 

Full/broad spectrum vs. isolate - There are many versions out there. Full/broad spectrum oils retain parts of all cannabinoids and only approved levels of THC. Isolate versions contain only the CBD molecule. We believe that the benefits are more efficient in full/broad spectrum products for oral use.

Third-party certified - The products should have been tested in a certified laboratory, and the Certificate Of Analysis (lab report) should be readily available to you. Such certificates should specify the cannabinoid levels contained in the end-product, including THC levels and CBD levels. 

EU-certified and approved - There are particular streams of Cannabis Sativa L. that are authorised by the EU for the extraction of cannabinoids, such as CBD. Ensure that the product and company is obtaining its ingredients from such sources, usually this is stated on the company’s website (e.g. from EU certified hemp). 

At BeOlea it is our priority to provide premium and safe products. Our CBD is extracted from EU-certified hemp and each batch is tested in a third-party laboratory. Our products have a batch certification number labelled on each package and the associated Certificate Of Analysis is available for each product.

Thanks so much to Hanna and Lisa from BeOlea for giving us a window into their brand and offering some valuable advice on CBD products!

If you like the sound of BeOlea, you can browse their product range.

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