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14th June 2020

The Rising Popularity of CBD in the Food Industry

There are many different ways to consume CBD and one of these is in an edible format. In this blog post, we take a look at the rising popularity of CBD-infused food and drink in the UK and across the globe.

It is a slightly strange time to be talking about the food industry, when sadly so many restaurants and cafes have had to shut due to COVID-19. However, we are optimistic for what the future holds when it comes to CBD and food and we look forward to it!

Famous chefs cooking with CBD

One of the things that has influenced the rising popularity of CBD food is the famous chefs who are choosing to promote it and using their skills to innovate with it. 

Andrea Drummer is one such chef who started out life as an anti-drugs counsellor and later retrained as a chef at a prestigious culinary school. She suffered from sciatica while working in busy kitchens and decided to try CBD oil to help with the pain.

Following this, she began creating meals for private clients using CBD and has since made her name as a leading cannabis chef in the US.

For more information, you can watch Andrea’s full story.

To further demonstrate the rising popularity of CBD and cannabis-infused food, there is now a cooking competition called ‘Cooked with Cannabis’, hosted by famous singer turned chef, Kelis. And there is more variety than just CBD milkshakes!

On this unusual take of a cookery competition, the contestants are asked to create meals using cannabis. It also features a number of famous guest judges.

Kelis is now also set to headline a virtual cannabis conference - Prohibition Partners Live 2020 - so we are sure that CBD food might be up for discussion then!

The rise of CBD cafes

Another factor which shows the popularity of CBD food and drink are the number of CBD cafes which have opened up across the UK over the past couple of years. These are selling CBD-infused tea and coffee, but also CBD-infused edible goodies, such as baked goods and chocolates.

At one restaurant in Notting Hill, Farmacy, you can even now book in for a CBD afternoon tea, complete with sweet and savoury CBD foods.

It is a shame that many cafes have had to shut to the public, but there is potential for cafes to still offer a takeaway service while maintaining social distancing practices. Some cafes are also offering home delivery options.

CBD moving into the food and drink mainstream

It is not just small, independent cafes and restaurants that are capitalising on the popularity of CBD food.

Bill’s Restaurant has become one of the first high-profile UK chain restaurants to announce that they are adding CBD to the menu. This is only going to be on their drinks menu at the moment, but if this proves to be popular (once they reopen), there is definitely potential for them to include CBD-infused food as well.

The fact that CBD food and drink are now making their way into major UK chains shows that it is becoming a mainstream trend!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog looking into the rising popularity of CBD food in the UK and globally.

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