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CBD Powder

CBD powder is an exquisite delivery method, refined to borderline perfection – 99% purity. Of course, the numbers don’t always tell the full story, especially when it comes to something as complex as CBD and the mechanisms of its interaction with our body. In that spirit, we’ve devised a handy guide to help you make sense of CBD powder’s nuances and weigh its pros and cons against each other as they relate to your particular needs.

What is CBD Powder?

CBD powder is a form of CBD isolate that takes refinement, concentration, and purity up a notch, or even a few, to be precise.

After the initial extraction stage that produces CBD distillate, which can reach CBD levels of up to 90%, an additional refinement stage, known as crystallization, takes place. This process is meant to strip the product of other “excess” cannabinoids and compounds, resulting in almost nothing but pure CBD in the form of a homogenous mixture, which is then cooled down until CBD crystals take shape. These crystals are then grinded into fine powder, bringing us what is known as CBD powder.

CBD Powder VS Full- and Broad-Spectrum CBD

Being a form of CBD isolate, CBD powder is quintessentially different from full- and broad-spectrum CBD.

Unlike CBD powder, which is concerned only with CBD and treats all other cannabinoids as contaminants, full- and broad-spectrum CBD extracts aim to recreate the entire cannabis plant while putting CBD at the forefront. (Broad-spectrum contains no THC.) This is to unlock the synergy that occurs between different cannabinoids, known in the cannabis circles as the entourage effect, which many experts believe to be something like love in the chemistry world, spontaneous, multi-dimensional electricity.

The difference between full- and broad-spectrum CBD is that while full-spectrum captures the essence of the entire cannabis plant, broad-spectrum excludes THC.

This information is bound to raise an important question:

Which CBD product is better – CBD powder or full- and/or broad-spectrum CBD? In other words, is a strictly CBD product, refined to perfection, better than a CBD product, enriched by the full cannabis plant?

Let’s answer is multi-level, highly individual, and goes beyond purity and the entourage effect. Let’s examine it from the perspective of the pros and cons of CBD powder.

Pros of CBD Powder

CBD powder has several major benefits, some of which are valid across everyone’s needs and preferences.


For a CBD purist who wants CBD and CBD only, it hardly gets any better than 99% purity. Simple as that.

Dosage Precision

CBD powder’s purity makes for precise dosing, because a dose of 10mg basically consists of 10mg of CBD (9.9 if you want to split hairs), as opposed to a complex mix of other cannabinoids, present at unknown levels, forming an unknown ratio with the star of the show, making for one major, mysterious variable. By removing these unknown elements from the equation, you can carefully and precisely regulate your CBD intake and understand CBD powder’s effects on you without a shadow of a doubt that it is CBD indeed that deserves all the credit.

Lack of Flavour and Odour

This may seem trivial, but many people find the often earthy, bitter, and downright weird taste of other cannabinoids off-putting. CBD powder’s lack of flavour and odour makes it very digestible, in fact, it can be used as a universal additive to foods, for example. This brings us to our next point.

Versatility and User-Friendliness

CBD powder is the most universal mode of CBD consumption. It can be dabbed, vaped, used sublingually, added to food, mixed in oils, creams, shampoos, even in another CBD product to provide a little boost.

Increased Bioavailability

A somewhat overlooked benefit of CBD powder is the minuscule size of its fine grains, and respectively CBD particles, which increases its bioavailability. Being an aquatic environment that’s inherently unwelcoming to fat-soluble compounds like CBD, our body is like a fine sieve that only lets so much of CBD through. So the finer the CBD particles, the more of them will get through that sieve and get absorbed by the body.

Cons of CBD Powder

No matter how good a CBD product is and how universal some of its pros might be, like high bioavailability, there is no single CBD product type or delivery method that is considered to be universally perfect.

One-Dimensional Effects

Saying that CBD powder’s purity is a double-edged sword might be a little over the top, but it does have a downside – the lack of other cannabinoids and the entourage effect that occurs spontaneously between them, which is believed to create a richer, multi-dimensional experience.


The extra stages of refinement, necessary to achieve 99% purity, naturally come at a higher cost.

Nevertheless, both of those cons are a direct result of the CBD powder’s purity, so it’s up to every individual to decide whether that purity is worth the higher price tag and sacrificing the entourage effect.

CBD Powder Essentials

  • At CBD levels of 99%, CBD powder is the purest product money can buy.
  • CBD powder is the most versatile CBD product when it comes to mode of delivery. It can be ingested sublingually, orally when mixed in food and/or oil, topically when mixed in creams, via vaping, dabbing, etc.
  • When purchasing CBD powder, it’s essential that you choose a product from a company that subjects its products to third-party testing. Otherwise, there’s no way to be sure that their labels are accurate. All products on mellow have gone through third-party testing.
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Choosing the right CBD product

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