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Healthspan is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of CBD, vitamins and supplements - helping millions of satisfied customers optimise their health and wellbeing. Their products are thoroughly tested and perfected with the help of in-house doctors and nutritionists to bring the latest developments in nutritional support. Healthspan extract their CBD oil from EU hemp using non-toxic CO2. Healthspan's filter-clear method removes unwanted plant matter such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll, resulting in a clear, golden coloured liquid CBD without the unpleasant taste. A decarboxylation process also ensures high levels of CBD. Choose between tasteless capsules or pepermint infused drops which are rapidly absorbed under the tongue.

Choosing the right CBD product

We understand it can be quite daunting when choosing your first CBD product so have a read of our handy guide to help you choose the product that’s right for your needs.

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