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Our Story

What should we tell you about mellow? There’s so much we want to say. But, for us, the thing that both defines and drives us are the relationships we’ve built with the people that make us who we are. So we thought we’d tell you about them.

Our customers

Everything starts and ends with our customers. mellow was born out of the want to give people a one stop shop for quality CBD products. A single online destination they could trust. But for us, that wasn’t enough. When it comes to giving our customers the best experience, product is only part of it. Our platform has to be world class. Easy to use for every single visitor. That’s why we are continually optimising of our online experience. It’s why we have top rated customer support and why we adhere strongly to our accessibility charter.

Our brands

Without our brands we just wouldn’t be mellow. We may be described as ‘an online marketplace’ but for us we are a marketplace that just happens to be online. Every single one of the brands on our site are chosen by us. Picked for their credibility, trustworthiness and traceability of product. This means we really know our brands and they really know us. We work closely with each and every one, from day one, supporting them with a suite of professional services where needed.

Our people

Are experienced, dedicated and brilliant. We were founded by a management and stakeholder team with over 20 years of marketplace and 40 years of eCommerce experience. They were soon joined by industry leaders from across payments, banking, customer experience & digital marketing. Together we understand what it takes to make mellow the best place to buy and sell CBD products.

A goal we all share beyond mellow is furthering the CBD industry. We believe that starts with education. Giving people easy access to knowledge they can trust is a big priority for all of us. We have our blog, a space on the internet full of reliable information from experts all over the world. But that is just the start, our blog will expand and we will do more to help this industry gain the trust it deserves. The roadmap for mellow is very exciting just like the future of the CBD industry.

We have more information for you if you’re interested in selling on mellow.

And if you have a question we haven’t answered here please feel free to get in touch with us through our help centre.