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Grapefruit & Basil 15mg CBD Sparkling Water (12 pack)

  • Vegan friendly, GMO, gluten and allergen free
  • Mixed with all natural fruit juices and plant extracts

A grapefruit & basil flavoured sparkling CBD water infused with botanicals. The cans are vegan friendly and GMO, gluten and allergen free. Each can contains 15mg CBD along with Ashwagandha, Ginseng and lemon.

Item: GRA-BAS-12

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Naturally flavoured sparkling CBD water infused with adaptogens including ginseng, ashwagandha, and lemon balm. No allergens, vegan friendly, and low in calories and sugar. Light and breezy, grapefruit basil is like a breath of fresh air on a balmy day.

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About ThreeDots

We help the modern innovators reach their optimum potential and achieve self-awareness. We carefully crafted our naturally flavoured CBD sparkling water and infused it with botanicals (also known as adaptogens) that help your body regulate stress responses. No unnatural anything. ThreeDots pays homage to the ellipsis, that “dot, dot, dot” at the end of a sentence, that moment of pause, the unfinished thought where your imagination gets to fill the silence.

ThreeDots is a reminder from us to take a moment and be kinder to yourself. Let our drink lead you to something more.

Get back to real...


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